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[Guide] General Etiquette

To facilitate a successful and enjoyable experience, certain guidelines should be observed and remembered to minimise confusion and inefficiency. This text may contain hyperbole.

I) This is a cooperative team-based game. Treat it as such. You’re not alone. To this end, I suggest:

I.I) Pay attention to the team composition. Try to avoid shitpicking unless you called it in the lobby and were not drowned in insults or there are only classes left you have absolutely no clue how to play.

I.II) Do not pick the MQ-3 Predator unless it has been discussed in the game lobby.

I.III) Trade and/or provide items critical or best utilised on certain classes to those classes.

Example: Grenade Launchers and the first Energy Cell should be immediately given to the Combat Engineer if he is without secondary weapon, a blastocyst module should be immediately handed to the Force Recon. Hogging an M240 and AP ammunition as an SMG class while there is an MG in the team without either or one of those two items is bad manners.

I.IV) Share medical items with other teammembers unless they’re critical to your immediate survival. If a blastocyst module is available and medical items are scarce, rotate it between wounded players.

I.V) Don’t block or hinder classes from doing their respective jobs. Don’t hug explosives, bosses or fire missions and keep a respectful distance. Rockets and Fire Missions have right of way and will always win. Never stand between the Designated Marksman and a chokepoint/boss.

II) Never ever fuck with the shell count of the Forward Observer or the prime command for satchels unless you communicate doing so crystal clear in the game chat and have a damn good reason to do so.

III) Hit H regularly to hold position so you don’t get yourself killed unnecessarily by Zulus, class abilities via friendly fire or WP rounds from the Forward Observer.

IV) Don’t spam the chat. Be as concise and precise as possible, elaborate as much as necessary.

V) Communications are key for a successful game. Keep the chatter down also and especially when you’re dead, unless it is foreseeable that the game is lost. Also see IV).

VI) Check the inventory of your teammembers from time to time. There is nothing more frustrating than to die to a friendly grenade because someone else wanted to clear a flock of gargoyles chasing you and you decided to stop for whatever reason at that moment.

VII) Don’t intentionally pick up pickaxes unless you know what you’re doing.

VIII) Hero marines always take priority over Minis. That means you should give up armors, medical items and support equipment without the survivors having to ask or beg for them. Their success is your rank experience gain.

IX) If the team gets broken up for various reasons, observe standard rules for movement to prevent pulling Zulu tails into other teammembers. As a general rule of thumb for a route serves a circle between Ravenholm and the Airfield. See IV) to coordinate and improvise.

X) Distribute Flashlights to classes that need higher vision range to increase their kill potential, namely the MG and DM or additionally the IUL, Rifleman and DO if the aforementioned are not present in the game. During Dark Clouds in Chapter 1, the Combat Engineer needs one to close caves. During Chapter 2 Nightstalkers hand a flashlight to the people delivering the Energy Cells from the Windmill/Airfield to the Power Generator.

XI) Once the TITANs during Chapter 3 Containment are placed on the map, one player pings each location once. After that, do not ping the minimap again until all Nukes have been placed. Do not ping the location of Havoc, use the chat instead.

XII) Do not take Surveillance Sentries from the Windmill to place them in Ravenholm before the sentry mission. This creates unnecessary confusion and can be the cause of a sentry fail with unlucky placement of the required sentry positions and a low timer in high player games.

XIII) Use available sidearms when necessary. It’s better to use the pistol too much than too less. Spam your pistol without reason and you'll have to answer to the ammo train (also known as Force Recon). Example: A second deagle shot on a ghoul, even if unnecessary, is acceptable, four additional shots are not.

XIV) If you have a SMAW and/or are playing the Assault, use rockets to push bosses into Fire Missions. Don’t fire rockets that would push bosses into teammembers (first-hand experience as perpetrator talking here).

XV) If you need a pause for whatever reason, say so in chat. A badly placed pause can cause unnecessary deaths.

XVI) Prioritise ammunition according to who or what can inflict the most damage with said ammunition. An M242 Bushmaster does a lot more with a clip than a Rifleman.

XVII) If the game goes sideways early on, don’t just leave and expect a remake. Ask for it in chat.

XVIII) If you’re playing the Navy Corpsman, play with permanent life bars enabled and pay attention to your teammembers. It is frustrating to bleed out right next to a Corpsman because he was busy emptying an entire deagle clip on a single ghoul.

XIX) Don’t (try to) kill whore unless everyone agreed to a medal run. Focus on threats that are faster than you and bosses needed to progress the game, the rest is trivial.

XX) Intentional Team killing is bad manners under nearly all circumstances. Have more mental fortitude than mean internet people. Disciplinary action in extreme cases is excluded.

XXI) Do not try to kill the parasite spores at the Airfield/Windmill during Chapter 2 Nightstalkers under any circumstances. They do not count towards the global spore counter and can be safely ignored. Upon death, they explode within a significant AoE and will destroy any items nearby, mainly the Energy Cells needed to complete the Nightstalkers objective.

XXII) After convoy, don't camp at the southern Airfield if there aren't at least five people doing sentries. If you take a sentry from the Power Generator, notify the team in chat how many sentries are still available there.

XXIII) If you place sentries, remember to group each of them (e.g. you place two sentries and group the first to 9 and the second to 0). In case of emergency, you can easily identify their positions and alert a transceiver user to them.

XXIV) Use vision abilities like flares, viper binocs and scope to the benefit of the team.

XXV) As Force Recon, do not forget to place raven sentries in trees, to place them in useful positions and to place them at all. For the rest of the team, don't cut/destroy trees that a Force Recon has placed a sentry in. It has a very long cooldown.

XXVI) Always ask the Combat Engineer before you drain mana via the MK-2 Nano Processor. Having no mana for a net when Loki or Eris pop up can be fatal.

Contact me if this list needs to be amended. This is by no means complete.

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