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Full Version: Rankings & Statistics
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Version 1.6a has just been released (read changelog). 

It's a small update although it contains a significant new feature. When playing on official hostbots your stats will be tracked and you can view them on the rankings page. You will be able to compare, search, and sort through various statistics. Some of these stats include:
  • Loaded XP
  • Server XP (all XP gained while on official hostbots)
  • MOS
  • Placed Sentires
  • Chapter Completions (each chapter you complete is tracked)
  • Game Difficulty
  • Combat Readyness
  • Losses (all players dead)
  • Kills
  • Deaths
  • Hits
  • Article 15s
  • Medals
You can view active games by adding "A.L.I.C.E." on or under the "Active Games" section of the homepage. Only games marked "Ranked" will store stats.

I also plan to create a page with all of the hosted matches and their info, including downloads for replays.