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MOS 0351, Assaultman

The Assaultman is responsible for the tactical employment of his assault weapon. He provides demolitions capability, anti-bunker, and anti-armor fire in support of the rifle squad, platoon, company, and battalion. A 0351 is trained to employ the MK153 SMAW, though they are also trained in basic demolitions and basic breaching for the purpose of providing immediate demolition support to the company.

Prerequisite Rank : 2nd Lieutenant
Difficulty : High
Quantity Available : 2
Last Update : 21 July 2007, by Azazel

SMAW Proficiency
The Assaultman is highly trained in the use of the Shoulder-Launched Multipurpose Weapon, or SMAW. Each point in this skill will increase AOE of HEAA Rocket and HEDP Rocket by 20; it decreases loading and firing time by 0.10 seconds per point in this skill.
Level 1 - 320 AOE. 2.10 second loading and firing time.
Level 2 - 340 AOE. 1.95 second loading and firing time
Level 3 - 360 AOE. 1.80 second loading and firing time
Level 4 - 380 AOE. 1.65 second loading and firing time
Level 5 - 400 AOE. 1.50 second loading and firing time

The High Explosive Anti-Armor (HEAA) rocket is effective against current tanks without additional armor, and utilizes a standoff rod on the detonator, allowing the explosive force to be focused on a small point, allowing for maximum damage against armored targets. The HEAA round is capable of penetrating 22 inches of homogeneous steel. 150 AOE kill zone. Each level reduces cooldown by 2 seconds.
Level 1 - 2000 damage
Level 2 - 2500 damage
Level 3 - 3000 damage
Level 4 - 3500 damage
Level 5 - 4000 damage

The High Explosive Dual Purpose (HEDP) rocket is effective against unarmored and light armored targets. Making use of a crush switch in the nose of the rocket, the HEDP round is able to distinguish between a hard and soft target, allowing for greater penetration on soft targets for increased damage potential. 300 AOE kill zone. Each level reduces cooldown by 2 seconds.
Level 1 - 1600 damage
Level 2 - 2000 damage
Level 3 - 2400 damage
Level 4 - 2800 damage
Level 5 - 3200 damage

The Assaultman is trained in the general field of demolitions. He can set up basic explosives.
Level 1 - Learns Plant Chain Explosive
Level 2 - Learns Nanosteel Net and Plant Claymore
Level 3 - Learns Smoke Grenade
Level 4 - Learns Plant MD5 Mine
Level 5 - Learns Stamina : +15 ms
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