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MOS 0848, Forward Observer

Field artillery operations men perform the various duties associated with the operation of a field artillery and mortar fire direction center; operations or training section; survey section; or target acquisition radar section. Duties include preparing personnel and equipment for movement and operation; assisting in location of fire direction center or target acquisition radar in the field.

Prerequisite Rank : Gunnery Sergeant
Difficulty : High
Quantity Available : 1
Last Update : 26 December 2007, by Azazel

Fire Mission
The Forward Observer is the essential link between Marines on the field and supporting Artillery Batteries. Each Level improves the damage per shell. Barrage dispersion command available at Level 3.
Level 1 - 400 damage per shell
Level 2 - 550 damage per shell
Level 3 - 700 damage per shell
Level 4 - 850 damage per shell
Level 5 - 1000 damage per shell

Gun Laying and Positioning System (GLPS). This is a GPS-dependent, man-portable, north-seeking gyroscope with an integrated precision lightweight GPS receiver (PLGR) capable of determining position, azimuth and deflection for quick, accurate gun-laying data for towed and non-Paladin howitzers. The GLPS is being fielded to the force with a basis of issue of one per firing battery or platoon. Reduces the firing delay of all types of fire missions. Each level increases artillery shell stockpile by 50 shells.
Level 1 - 11 second fire mission time
Level 2 - 10 second fire mission time
Level 3 - 9 second fire mission time
Level 4 - 8 second fire mission time
Level 5 - 7 second fire mission time
Level 6 - 6 second fire mission time
Level 7 - 5 second fire mission time

Orbital Artillery
Artillery missiles propelled from military satellite networks provide near instant artillery support. Precision and MRSI (Multiple Rounds Simultaneous Impact) capabilities improve with each level.
Level 1 - 3 barrages in a 200 radius
Level 2 - 3 barrages in a 300 radius
Level 3 - 4 barrages in a 400 radius
Level 4 - 5 barrages in a 500 radius
Level 5 - 6 barrages in a 600 radius

Forward Observation Skills
The Forward Observer is trained in many complimentary skills.
Level 1 - Learns Laser Designator
Level 2 - Learns WP Rounds and Vector V-Binocular Range Finder
Level 3 - Learns Illumination Rounds and Ordnance Handling
Level 4 - Transceiver and Perimeter Intelligence
Level 5 - TOT Mission
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